Single Source Self-Funding Toolkit

Use these materials to share information with businesses who can benefit from a simpler way to start self-funding.

Certified Broker Seal

SSSF Broker Seal

Download and use this seal to promote that you are certified to sell Single Source Self-Funding from The Alliance.


Customizable Flyer for Prospective Clients

Single Source Self-Funding FlyerDownload this flyer to introduce your prospective clients to Single Source Self-Funding at The Alliance.


Note: The flyer can be customized to include your contact information. If you’d like to download a customized flyer, please contact Andrea Shaw at

One Paragraph Description of Single Source Self-Funding

Use this one paragraph description of Single Source Self-Funding to help introduce the program to your clients.


Email Template

You can use this e-mail template as a way to reach out to potential leads.


Press Release Template

This press release template includes facts about The Alliance and Single Source Self-Funding. Personalize this press release and issue to your local media.


Letter to Prospects

Use this template to send a letter to your prospective clients introducing them to Single Source Self-Funding.


Click here to download all the materials linked above.

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