Who Do I Call? A Quick Reference Guide

When you have questions, either The Alliance or the third party administrator (TPA) may be best able to provide you with an answer.

Use this guide to determine who to contact:

phone Call The Alliance at 800.223.4139

  • Your network status
  • Your provider agreement
  • Employer identification
  • Repricing or claim/repricing not received by the BPA

phone Call the Third Party Administrator (TPA) found on the enrollee’s ID Card

  • Claims status, payment and/or denial
  • Benefits
  • Eligibility
  • Pre-authorization
  • Deductible/Co-insurance Amounts

Find the ID Card example and Membership Listings here:

ID Card

Membership Reports
(including TPA information)

Looking for a Specific Alliance Staff Member?

If you’re looking for a specific Alliance staff member, please visit our staff directory.

Staff Directory

Claims Questions

The Alliance offers a Provider Claims Portal that is your resource for quick convenient access to your claims information as processed by The Alliance.

Find out more about the Provider Claims Portal

Questions? Feedback? Contact us at providerservices@the-alliance.org or 1.800.223.4439

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