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Why Attend an Alliance Learning Circle?

Why Attend an Alliance Learning Circle?

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Annual Meeting 2016

Do you have to push, pull or drag your employees to be active health care consumers? At this meeting we will explore the topic of consumerism as we have been asked time and time again “How do I engage my employees in their health benefits?” What should I be doing to help my employees understand their benefits?” “What resources can you provide me to help me with this?”

We will provide resources, success stories and strategies to help you with your consumerism efforts at your workplace.

Discussion topics that will be addressed include:

  • Lessons learned from consumerism efforts.
  • Cost & quality tactics to use with consumers.
  • Effective benefits communications.
  • How to transition to a consumer driven health plan and the marketing tactics behind it.
  • Q & A with local employers who have implemented a high-deductible health plan.

Speakers include:

  • Dominic Lorusso, director of health partnerships, Consumer Reports
    Lorusso will discuss the importance of informing and engaging employees in the workplace about health benefits and what to do – and what not to do – within consumer communications.
  • John Young, CEO Consumerdriven, LLC
    Young is a pioneer in the beginning of consumer driven health and continues to be devoted to improving the consumerism through employers and individuals. His presentation will focus on evolving tactics to engage the end consumer, high-deductible health plans and whether they are a game changer and examples of successful campaigns for human resources and benefit communications overall.
  • Between speakers, we will have our annual meeting where we will vote for The Alliance’s 2017 board of directors and go over the cooperatives successful business year.

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Helping Consumers Understand Their Health Care Options, Dominic Lorusso

Consumer Driven Health – A Disturbance in the Force and the Awakening, John Young

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