New Providers In-Network

newThe Alliance now provides access to in-network savings from providers who bundle their prices for select inpatient and outpatient surgeries and tests. This includes NOVO, Twin City OrthopedicsMarshfield Health System and Smart Choice MRI. Learn more about bundled services here.

In-Network Hospital Map

You’ll save when you choose doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who are part of The Alliance network.

The Alliance Service Area
Download the map.

How to read this map

google location pin - greenThe green marker indicates the newest hospital added to our network.

google location pin - redRed markers indicate other in-network hospitals.

Google maps layer iconThe menu button allows you to show or hide layers.

‘Nominate’ a Provider

If you learn that your health care provider is not part of The Alliance network you can “nominate” them to be contacted by The Alliance. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that a provider will sign an agreement with our network. Until they do, any services provided will be billed at out-of-network rates.Fill out the provider nomination form online, or you can call The Alliance at 800.223.4139 and ask to speak to Customer Service.

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