FAQs for Brokers About Single Source Self-Funding

How does Single Source Self-Funding™ by The Alliance assist me to make my client’s transition to self-funding simpler?

Single Source Self-Funding saves you time and supports you with education and materials needed for self-funding success. It’s an all-in-one packaged benefits solution.

Single Source Self-Funding includes:

  • A single place for you to access the core elements needed to self-fund employee benefits:
    • Provider network (from The Alliance)
    • TPA services and stop-loss (from Auxiant)
    • Pharmacy benefits management services (from Serve You Rx)
  • A coordinated process by the partners behind the scenes to reduce your administrative efforts in quoting, placing, servicing and renewing the business.
  • Uniquely integrated cost-management strategies from each partner to improve the likelihood of long-term client success with self-funding.
  • Marketing materials for you to use with your clients and prospects. Use them to explain the benefits of self-funding and your value as a Single Source Self-Funding certified broker.
  • Self-funding education that gives you the confidence to be able to recommend self-funding to your clients.
Who can benefit from using Single Source Self-Funding?

Single Source Self-Funding by The Alliance is a self-funded solution optimized for employers who currently have:

  • 75 or more employees enrolled on their health plan.
  • A majority of their employees living or working within The Alliance service area.
  • Fully-insured health benefits, but want more benefit control and greater cost savings.

Note:  If your client has less than 75 employees, we’re still here to help. Contact us and we’ll help you find additional self-funding options outside of Single Source Self-Funding.

How do I know when it’s the right time to switch clients from fully-funded to self-funded employee health benefits?

When your client is seeking more control to change long-term benefit plan costs and outcomes, it’s time to consider the benefits of self-funding. Remember, self-funding employee health benefits is a long-term strategy, not a one-year effort to save money.

Why should I give Single Source Self-Funding a try?

Here’s why:

  • If you currently have a routine self-funding option, get a Single Source Self-Funding quote to see which is better for your client.
  • Single Source Self-Funding gives you leverage against fully-insured carriers and protects you against other brokers trying to win your clients.
  • Save time. The Alliance has done the homework for you by evaluating partners and best practice cost-control mechanisms.
  • Single Source Self-Funding is an all-in-one, packaged self-funding solution.
  • Take advantage of the partnerships offered by Single Source Self-Funding and use them to create a maximum benefit strategy for your client.
Who are the vendor-partners? And what does each partner contribute?

The Alliance has partnered with Auxiant and Serve You Rx to provide an all-in-one, packaged, self-funded benefits solution for your clients. Here’s what each partner does and how they will save money for your clients.

The Alliance offers:

  • A broad provider network located in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa with competitive contracts
  • QualityPath®, a steerage program that guides people to high-quality, lower-cost options for selected surgeries and tests.
  • Networking opportunities with our membership of savvy self-funded employers.
  • Patronage – A benefit of being a member-employer of The Alliance Cooperative. Members are eligible to earn money back based on volume of claims processed.

Auxiant offers:

  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) services.
  • Focus Health™ – A steerage program to help employers lower their medical spend while helping employees obtain quality care and better outcomes.
  • Case management and disease management best practices.
  • Connections with stop-loss carriers tailored for the Single Source Self-Funding target market.

Serve You Rx offers:

  • Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) services.
  • Value-Based Benefit Design (VBBD) through Auxiant’s disease management care.
  • Specialty drug management approach to improve safety for patients.
  • Guaranteed prescription rebates and discounts and proprietary cost control programs including the Select Formulary and Exclusive Mail for 90-day supplies.
How did The Alliance choose Auxiant and ServeYouRx as their partners in Single Source Self-Funding?

The Alliance selected Auxiant and Serve You Rx through a request for proposal (RFP) process that considered their:

  • Ability to control total health care costs for the employer.
  • Experience in working with other vendors to create new value for brokers and employers.
  • Efficient claims administration.
  • Initiatives to identify opportunities and solve problems.
  • Openness to innovative strategies for better employee health benefits.
Can I choose a different TPA or PBM partner?

Yes, you can work with The Alliance, but use a different TPA or PBM. However, you will not be accessing the Single Source Self-Funding package of benefits.

Contact us to learn more about additional self-funded benefit options.

How do I become certified to access Single Source Self-Funding?

It’s simple. There are two parts to certification: continuing education and agreements. Click here for more information.

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