Reports on Demand

Alliance members and their business partners have access to a host of reports to help them manage and analyze claims, savings, and much more:

  • Utilization Data. We can supply you with detailed utilization information on your population’s medical claims specific to those on an Alliance plan. This data can be generated and analyzed according to your needs.
  • Claims detail. Shows an employer’s overall savings percentage received for a specific time period analyzed and breaks down the information into major types of care, providers utilized in- or out-of-network, and claims volume and total charges for the providers seen.
  • Claims summary (ROI). Reports how much the employer saved for every dollar invested in the cooperative and summary of claims for a specific time period analyzed.
  • Eligibility roster. Allows employers access to a roster of employees and dependents that according to our records are eligible for and enrolled in health plans that utilize The Alliance provider network.
  • Invoice archive. View archived Alliance invoices and associated reports. Monthly invoices and reports also sent via mail to Alliance employer members and, if applicable to their related partners.
  • Premium equivalent. Facilitates calculation of a maximum premium equivalent, comparable to fully insured market premium.

Accessing Reports

If you are an Agent/Consultant with a current Alliance client, to request one of these reports contact Member Services, 800.223.4139 x 6644.

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