Retaining Discounts with the UW and its Associated Entities

The Alliance has agreements with UW Hospital and UW Medical Foundation that include timeliness of payment language. This language determines whether or not your organization retains a discount on claim payments for your Alliance enrollees.

There are four important items to remember when processing claims from UW Hospital and UW Medical Foundation:

  • Failure of any payer to process clean claims within 30 days of The Alliance receipt may void the pricing arrangement regardless of proof of loss.
  • “Clean claims” are defined as claims with all the proper fields completed with sufficient information for The Alliance to reprice the claim. This includes claims that may be delayed in the payment process because itemizations, questionnaires, medical records, subrogation, reinsurance, third party liability, or other items are needed. In essence, if you have received the repriced claim from The Alliance, it is a “clean claim” and should be paid within 30 days.
  • The 30-day time period begins on the day The Alliance receives the claim for repricing and ends on the day the UW or its associated entities receive payment. It does not start on the day the claim is received by the payer and end when the check is dated.
  • Because the timeliness of payment provision includes a guarantee of a timely refund, no questions asked, as long as the request occurs within six months of payment, you may want to consider paying the claim right away.

To help your organization meet the timeliness of payment agreements and retain The Alliance discount on your claim payments, please consider incorporating the following steps in your adjudication process.

  1. Review The Alliance weekly report of repriced and forwarded claims from the previous week to (a) verify your organization has received each claim affected by the UW and associated entities contract, and (b) identify claims that might require expedited processing. If you’d like to receive a copy of this report, please contact customer service, 608.210.6630.
  2. Use the following addresses when overnight delivery is required to ensure receipt of your payment within 30 days of receipt of the claim at The Alliance. Using another address will result in delays. The following is a listing of current addresses:

Payment Posting Department
University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation
7974 UW Health Court
Middleton, WI 53562

The UW Hospital Billing Department recently reassigned account responsibilities. Please update your records to reflect the following contact information and e-mail addresses that should be used to request itemized bills to avoid delays with the US Mail.

Accounts $15,000 and over

Alliance enrollees with last names of A-L
Shayla Johnson – 608.263.7716

Alliance enrollees with last names M-Z
Susie Gehrke – 608.265.3097

Accounts $3,500 – $14,999

Alliance enrollees with last names of A-Lar
Jennifer Askew – 608.265.3097 option 1

Alliance enrollees with last names of Las-Z
Wes Anderson – 608.262.8269

Accounts under $3,500

Alliance enrollees with last names of A-Fah
Chie Xiong – 608.265.7331 option 1

Alliance enrollees with last names of Fai-Lap
Michele Knudtson – 608.263.6861

Alliance enrollees with last names of Laq-Roma
Shree Shrestha – 608.263.7452

Alliance enrollees with last names of Romb-Z
Deb Thomas – 608.263.0215

Physician Billing – (HCFAs)
Suzanne Zimmerman – 608.829.5625

Please review, post and share this information with appropriate members of your staff to ensure that discounts are retained for our mutual clients.

Any questions, please contact customer service, 608.210.6630.

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