Although we are in the relatively “quiet time” between partisan primaries and the November general election, we need your vote one more time to approve new Health Policy Resolutions for The Alliance. We promise no TV ads – just some emails and this brief blog post.

Check Your Email from Aug. 15 and Aug. 20


On Aug. 15, you should have received an email from Mike Roche with information about registering for The Alliance’ upcoming annual meeting and requesting your review and approval of eight health policy resolutions. Cheryl DeMars also sent you a reminder on Aug. 20.


What is the Purpose of Health Policy Resolutions?

The health policy resolutions that are ready for your review and vote correspond to the provisions of The Alliance’s Health Policy Platform. The platform is the foundation for The Alliance’s identification of significant health policy topics at the federal and state level. Because the platform has been designed to be evergreen, it does not by itself provide sufficiently specific guidance as to those matters that are worthy of focused attention or action by The Alliance.

The resolutions, in turn, have been written as broadly applicable statements of The Alliance’s position on matters of state or federal health care policy with particular significance for The Alliance’s members or for The Alliance as an organization. The resolutions are not intended to be position statements on individual legislative proposals. Rather, they have been designed to inform The Alliance’s thinking and action on important health policy topics that are likely to live beyond any immediate legislative session.

The resolutions are intended to be used to guide decision-making by The Alliance’s staff, its members and its health policy consultants on specific issues that may arise before state and federal legislative and executive policymakers.

Who Picked the Topics and Decided What To Say?

The Alliance Health Policy Committee has spent time this year reviewing, revising and recommending new health policy resolutions. These resolutions have been designed to guide the work of the Health Policy Committee, as well as the Board, Alliance staff and Alliance health policy consultants in determining what health policy matters are most significant to the interests of Alliance members and the work of The Alliance itself.

The Alliance has traditionally worked with one or more health policy consultants to add depth of expertise and perspective to the work of the Health Policy Committee and Alliance staff. The current set of new resolutions was prepared by The Alliance’s health policy consultant, Michael Best Strategies (MBS).

MBS used The Alliance’s health policy platform and current resolutions as a starting point. We then considered the full scope of health care related issues with relevance for self-funded employers that either are being debated or are likely to come up soon in the state or federal policymaking process. We generated a list of topic ideas that was shared with The Alliance’s senior staff and the Health Policy Committee.

From there, MBS prepared draft resolutions that were reviewed and improved by Alliance staff and by the Health Policy Committee. The resolutions available for your consideration now were approved by the Health Policy Committee and by The Alliance Board of Directors.

What’s the Call to Action?

Each resolution includes background on the topic at hand and a call to action that is specifically addressed to policy makers at the federal or state level.

The call to action is sometimes addressed to executive branch decision makers as well as the legislative branch. Both the federal and state governments have considerable influence on the overall health care landscape through administrative rulemaking as well as program design and implementation. We also considered the role of both the federal and state government as significant purchasers of health care through Medicaid, Medicaid and state employee health insurance programs.

Anything we can do to foster approaches by major government purchasers that are consistent with The Alliance’s goals of cost containment, quality improvement, transparency of data and access to evidence-based services will help amplify the voices of The Alliance and its members in the health care marketplace.

Your Vote Matters

Please help position The Alliance for engagement on these important topics by reviewing the proposed resolutions and voting today!


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Karen Timberlake

Karen Timberlake

Health Policy Consultant at Michael Best Strategies
Karen E. Timberlake is senior advisor at Michael Best Strategies LLC, where she focuses on shared value consulting, sustainable community development, and health system innovation. Before joining Michael Best Strategies, Karen was the Director of the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and an Associate Professor at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. She previously served as Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and as Director of the Office of State Employment Relations.

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Karen Timberlake

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