Alliance Haiku

That was the winning entry in our recent haiku contest that challenged employees to write a haiku poem about The Alliance.

In exchange for the chance to win a bag of desktop diversions, employees shared 23 haikus. Most chose the five syllable/seven syllable/five syllable format, although one entry opted for the seven syllable/nine syllable/seven syllable format.



Some entries focused on our mission.

Join The Alliance
Reap the bene’s of many
Help transform healthcare

  • Lori Madigan, Provider-Relations Supervisor

We are in this together
Employers moving health care forward
Join us, we have work to do.*

  • Zach Ketterhagen, Assistant Product Manager

Employer decides
And The Alliance provides
Better care for all*

  • Amanda Gallman, Member Services Representative

Transforming Health Care
Innovative Products, Drive
Change, Stakeholders Win

  • Calvin Rigsby, Business Development Manager

Controlling Costs

herding piggy banks

Controlling employers’ health benefit consts was another focus for haiku authors.

Group of Employers
Control Cost and Quality
Lead to Better Health*

  • Tierney Anderson, Marketing and Events Specialist

Improve quality
And control cost for members
Transforming health care

  • Jess Ellefson, Project Coordinator

The Alliance is
A very good way to help
Control healthcare costs*

  • Heather Oliva, Director of Provider Relations

Health Care Frustrations

frustrated person

Our employees recognize that the people who work in health care have good will and want to do good things for their community and their patients. Yet the health care system sometimes frustrates us and makes us eager to create change, as these haikus show.

Managed Care
Looking for love?
Get a dog instead

  • Kelly Davit, Regional Manager

More than twenty-five
Years ago we thought we would
Be about done now

  • Heather Oliva, Director of Provider Relations

Sharing the Love

shaking hands

Calvin Rigsby, business development manager, used haikus to praise colleagues and look to the future.

Data predicts the
future. Where are we going?
Alan, Ryan, know.

(Editors Note: Alan Williams and Ryan Peterson are two of the Alliance’s data analysis gurus).
La Crosse, Gundersen
New aligned business partners
Focused Westward growth

Staying Focused


To keep things fair, we got an objective outsider to pick winning haikus. Our judge was Leigh Gregg, who retired from the Credit Union National Association as News Now Director of Online Editorial and now works as a freelance writer and novelist.

Holding a haiku contest turned out to be a great way for some employees to pause and think about what The Alliance means to them. For some, it even became a little addictive. One employee confessed to lying in bed at night, counting syllables.

Pausing to write a poem also reminded employees to keep their work in perspective. Our “to-do lists” will always be long, but so will our list of accomplishments on our members’ behalf. And that’s worth a haiku, too.

If you are focused
And commited to do good
It will all be fine

  • Heather Oliva, Director of Provider Relations

* Honorable Mention

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