It can be a shock to hear that you need heart surgery.

Knowing QualityPath has done the homework to help you find quality care is comforting.

“I found the best care and peace of mind.” That was Nguyen Tran’s response when asked about his QualityPath experience after triple-bypass heart surgery.

Nguyen Tran

Nguyen was training to run a marathon just before being sidelined with the news of needing heart surgery.

Nguyen said QualityPath led to the “best care and peace of mind” by:

  • Answering patient questions in a timely manner.
  • Providing access to surgical doctor-and-hospital pairings that meet or exceed quality standards based on national measures and recommended practices for care.
  • Assigning a nurse case manager to assist with making medical appointments, facilitating medical records transfer and being a medical resource to you and your family.
  • Waiving the deductible.
  • Offering a warranty on the surgery.
  • Including outpatient cardiac rehabilitation.

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Health care needs happen. QualityPath is here to guide Alliance members to quality care for select surgeries and tests.

Learn more about QualityPath and read more success stories at:

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Lisa Wendorff

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Lisa Wendorff

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