The Wisconsin Health Information Organization, or WHIO as its known, marks its tenth anniversary this year. This is something to celebrate!

WHIO is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the quality, affordability, safety and efficiency of health care in Wisconsin. The Alliance is a founding member and financial supporter of WHIO. Mark Xistris, our Vice President of Business Development and Provider Relations serves on the WHIO Board. We invest in WHIO because we know that our mission of controlling cost, improving quality and engaging individuals in their health can only be achieved through measurement.

WHIO’s key asset is a unique All-Payer Claims Database, which combines data from health plans across Wisconsin to enable more reliable comparisons of performance. The website, powered by WHIO, encourages consumer engagement in health care, a core goal of the organization. We have incorporated these rankings into our Find a Doctor website for Alliance members.

The adage, what gets measured, gets improved is true in health care as in other industries, and WHIO is a key part of the equation. We congratulate WHIO on its first decade!

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