The Alliance July Membership Report is available for download.

As a reminder this is a full report of all members in The Alliance. Full reports include an updated list of:

  • Current employer members and their related purchaser or TPA.
  • Employers accessing The Alliance through Wisconsin Bankers Association Insurance Trust.
  • Employers accessing The Alliance through Wisconsin Counties Association Insurance Trust (WCA).
  • Employers accessing The Alliance workers’ compensation program.

Updates are posted monthly and full reports are posted quarterly (January, April, July and October).

If you have questions, please email Provider Services.

For past membership reports, please visit the archives on the provider page of our website at

Membership Updates

The following employer recently joined The Alliance cooperative: 

Employer Effective Date  TPA
Bangor School District 7.1.2017 UMR
CESA #4 7.1.2017 UMR
Holmen School District 7.1.2017 UMR
J.H Findorff 7.1.2017 Auxiant
Melrose-Mindoro School District 7.1.2017 UMR
Whitehall School District 7.1.2017 UMR

Remember: Confirm Alliance Network Status at Each Office Visit
It’s important to verify health plan ID card information at each visit. Doing so ensures that all claims are sent to the correct payer for processing and that there haven’t been any changes in eligibility or employment status since the last visit.

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