If you want to disrupt health care, it’s time to make our cooperative grow.

We recognize that the term “disrupt” can be misunderstood. Health care is made up of good people and good organizations who want to do the right thing and who provide care for people every day. We want their work to continue.

Business As Usual Is Failing Us

Yet we also know that doing “business as usual” with the health care system is failing us. When one-third of health care spending goes for unnecessary care – tests and treatments we don’t need or complications that could have been avoided – something is wrong with the system.

One definition for “disrupt” is to “keep something from proceeding in the normal way.” Disrupting “business as usual” in health care means shifting the focus. It means helping employers and employees alike get more health – and better health care – for their money.

Seeking Growth

Disrupting the health care market requires bargaining power. The more bargaining power we have, the more leverage we have in helping employers buy better care at a better price.

The national experts who speak at Alliance Learning Circles often echo this theme. Most recently, Dr. Scott Conard urged Alliance members to recruit other employers or insurance trusts to join our cooperative so we can increase our impact on the marketplace.

“You are at the right place at the right time with the right idea and the right leadership,” Dr. Scott Conard said.

You Can Make It Happen

So how can you help us take advantage of this “right time” and “right place” to grow our not-for-profit cooperative?

Here are three ideas:

  • Bring a colleague to The Alliance Annual Meeting or another event. The Alliance will pay for your parking at Monona Terrace if you bring a first-time attendee with you.
  • Tell another employer about The Alliance. All members who attend the annual meeting will receive a special two-piece gift – one to keep and one to pass on to another employer. If you are a member and cannot attend, let us know and we’ll arrange to drop off your gift. We want to make it easy for you to introduce The Alliance to other employers or insurance trusts.
  • Invite The Alliance to speak to business groups. We welcome opportunities to talk about the benefits of self-funding, how to be a better health care consumer or other topics.

Share Your Ideas

If you have other ideas about how to share the word about our cooperative with employers, please share them in the comment box.

The employers and insurance trusts who are members of The Alliance benefit from our efforts to buy health care differently. The more we grow, the more influence we’ll have.

And the more influence we have, the better our odds of success for disrupting the “business as usual” practices that are driving up costs for health care purchasers like us.


Wendy Culver

Wendy Culver

Human Resources Director at Mead & Hunt
Culver joined Mead & Hunt in 1996 and is the human resources director. As a member of the company's executive team, she oversees the human resources function and is responsible for overall strategy and programs to keep Mead & Hunt an employer of choice. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). Culver has served on The Alliance Board of Directors since 2008 and has been vice chair since 2015.
Wendy Culver

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