How to Be a Better Health Care Consumer

Are you searching for a better way to help your employees become savvy health care consumers? Host a Be a Better Health Care Consumer presentation! All participants will receive a 10-page workbook filled with handy information to help better navigate the health care system. Participants are encouraged to take their workbook home to share with their family.


  • Where Should I Go? (Doctor’s Office, Walk-in Clinic, Emergency Room, etc.)
  • Medical Visit Checklists (What to bring and what to ask.)
  • The Alliance website (Find a Doctor, Out-of-Pocket Cost Calculator and helpful health care hints.)

The presentation takes 20 minutes and we encourage allowing employees at least 30 minutes to attend. After the presentation, attendees have an opportunity to ask questions, register for a Find a Doctor account and/or take home additional health care handouts.

Members who have hosted a Be a Better Health Care Consumer presentation say it has started health care consumerism conversations between employees.

If you would like to discuss holding a presentation at your workplace, please contact your Member Services representative:

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