The Alliance is now an official Consumer Reports Health partner!

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports partners with organizations that discuss methods of content development, assist in developing strategies for sharing information or set up distribution campaigns in coordination with Consumer Health Choices.

Due to our part in promoting Choosing Wisely – a campaign aimed to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about the overuse of medical tests, treatments and procedures – we have been deemed a regional partner. You can find us on the “regional partners” list here.

The “partner” list consists of 11 founding partners, two national partners and 10 regional partners, which means The Alliance is one of 23 organizations to gain “partner” status.

We are very proud of this status and believe we are in very good company in this partnership. The Alliance’s involvement includes Tierney Anderson’s participation in a panel presentation at the national Choosing Wisely Summit. Learn more about how we are promoting Choosing Wisely and Consumer Reports materials in our Consumers section.

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