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One of The Alliance’s goal is to offer saving options for their employer members. This may include cost savings through dental benefits.

By being a member of The Alliance you can receive additional discounts from Delta Dental of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Delta Dental is similar to The Alliance model as it provides consumers with a large network of dentists and oral specialists. On average more than 90 percent of Wisconsin dentists and 70 percent of Illinois dentists are part of the Delta Dental network. Also, additional discounts are available on DeltaVision when you offer both a DeltaVision and Delta Dental plan.

We selected Delta Dental for two main reasons:

  • Flexible options and amazing access to dentists.
    ….More than 75 percent of dentists nationwide participate in Delta Dental—that means three out of every four dentists are in-network.
  • Performance and savings guarantees.

Delta Dental of Wisconsin and Illinois have a fully integrated call center and all claims come to a customer service team. When your employees call Delta Dental they can expect to be connected in 10 seconds or less to someone who is prepared to answer your questions on the spot.

These are just some of the reasons why 97 percent of Delta Dental clients consistently renew year after year.

To learn more about our partnership with Delta Dental visit our member benefits page under our member section on our website here.

If you have questions about our partnership please contact Zach Ketterhagen, assistant product manager, 800.223.4139 x6656.

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