Single Source Self-Funding™ from The Alliance

It’s a Simpler Way to Start Self-Funding

What’s holding you back?

Employers with more than 500 employees know self-funding is the smart choice for cost savings and control over plan design. That is why four out of five of these employers use self-funding.

Employers with less than 500 employees want those savings, but fret about risks and resources. Those concerns can be a barrier that blocks you from self-funding savings.

Single Source Self-Funding gives all employers a simpler way to start self-funding.

**Only certified brokers can offer Single Source Self-Funding.**

Single Source Self-Funding Components

Essential Services

Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrator (TPA)


Prescription bottle

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

Serve You Rx


Stop-Loss Insurance

Sourced through Auxiant



The Alliance

Alliance Advantages


Blueprint for Self-Funding Transition


Dedicated Implementation Team


Guidance to High-Value Care

You Can Buy Health Care Differently

Single Source Self-Funding with The Alliance helps you change how you buy health care.

Benefits of Single Source Self-Funding

Make Your Health Care Benefits Do More and Cost Less.

Single Source Self-Funding gives you an easier way to start self-funding now.

Join Us For Self-Funding Success.

To learn more about Single Source Self-Funding with The Alliance, contact Mike Roche, member services manager at 800.223.4139 x6645 or

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