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Alliance membership has its advantages. Save money and improve the health and wellness of your employees and their dependents with these exclusive partnerships and programs to help you manage and supplement your health benefit.

Patronage – a benefit of being a member of a cooperative.

Join Our Stop-Loss Captive Feasibility Study

The Alliance is working with member employers to create a captive for medical stop-loss insurance. If you qualify, the captive study will:

  • Position your company for long-term savings on medical stop-loss insurance, which is roughly 10 percent of total medical spending.
  • Allow you to work with other Alliance employers to pool risk and cover a portion of the claims now covered by stop-loss insurance.
  • Use a 12-month cycle to test the benefits of a cooperative captive.

Your company can submit data to join the captive study until Aug. 1, 2017. Learn more about the study.

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