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  • Monthly provider updates
  • Resources for your steerage program
  • Annual Benefits Survey Report
  • QualityPath and Find a Doctor employer toolkits

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Member News

pills spilled
Why I Am So Scared of the Opioid Epidemic
The opioid epidemic is everywhere. It’s in the news, in your community, in your workplace and perhaps in your family ...
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U.S. Congress - flag
On My Mind: Your Health Care Benefit Priorities for Congress
In late June, senior Alliance staff will spend a few days in Washington DC to meet with Illinois and Wisconsin ...
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Elisabeth Rosenthal speaking
Escaping the Trap of Health System Dysfunction
Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal believes Americans are trapped into “Paying Till It Hurts” for health care. “Our health care system really ...
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analyze charts graphs
Diving into the Details: Captive Comparison, Analysis & Value
Details matter when you’re comparing captive models, analyzing stop-loss costs and seeking to understand captive value. Alex Gloeckner, senior vice ...
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Sally Welborn at The Alliance Annual Seminar
Stop Waiting for ‘White Knights’ and Start Fixing Health Care
Months have passed since the leaders of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase announced they were forming a company that ...
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Risk Jenga
What’s Your Risk Appetite?
Joining a captive is a little like deciding whether to try a new entrée for the first time. No matter ...
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