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Managing Your Health and Wellness

Think of the daily choices you make that impact your health and well-being. Your eating and exercise habits probably come to mind. You also make choices affecting your health every time you schedule a doctor's appointment or bring medication home from the pharmacy. At some point you may need to decide which hospital to go to for surgery or maternal care. Take advantage of our resources to make good decisions leading to better health and safer care.


QualityPath identifies hospitals and doctors that – when working together – are at or above national standards for delivering quality care.

Four Things to Know about The Alliance

New to The Alliance? Learn how The Alliance helps you save money on your out-of-pocket costs.

Consumer Reports Flyer on Back Pain

Does your lower back hurt? You probably don’t need an MRI, CT scan, or X-ray.
Read the Consumer Reports flyer.

How to Switch Doctors

Choosing doctors or health systems can feel like a touchy subject. But it shouldn’t be. Finding the right doctor or health system can make a big difference in your care. Read more.

Healthy Living Discounts

Healthy Living Discounts

The Alliance offers discounts at a number of fitness centers. Learn more and get the list.

Articles by The Commonwealth Fund:

Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?

pdfPrimary Care: Our First Line of Defense, The Commonwealth Fund, June 2013.

"The evidence shows that good access to primary care can help us live longer, feel better, and avoid disability and long absences from work."

"Another big plus: health care costs are lower when people have a primary care provider overseeing their care and coordinating all the tests, procedures, and follow-up care."

Better Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?

Read about bundled payments and accountable care organizations in pdfBetter Care at Lower Cost: Is It Possible?, The Commonwealth Fund, November 2013.

"To get to a health care system that's affordable yet provides high quality, we need to tackle the issues that have made things so expensive in the first place."

The Alliance® is a cooperative of employers moving health care forward by controlling costs, improving quality, and engaging individuals in their health.