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Selecting the right health care provider requires more than a list of names. It takes easy-to-access information on everything from quality ratings and health care costs to how far the clinic is from your home.

You can learn more on Find a Doctor.

hospital safety grade aLog in to compare the cost of more than 50 procedures within The Alliance network. This feature is only offered to people who get health benefits through The Alliance network.

  • Check quality ratings to learn whether Hospital Safety Grades from The Leapfrog Group give a hospital an “A” or an “F” based on patient safety.
  • View birthing center scores to see how a hospital scores on critical measures.
  • View primary care ratings from the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) for these measures:
    • Provides recommended care for your health care issues at the right time
    • Makes good use of your health care dollars

You can use Find a Doctor from smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and other devices.


Big decisions lie ahead. Let us guide you down the right path.

QualityPath® is designed to put more information in the hands of patients to help them avoid unnecessary tests, reduce out-of-pocket costs and lower their stress levels.

QualityPath guides patients to doctors and hospitals that – when working together – are at or above national standards for three high-stakes procedures:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Knee replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass graft (heart bypass surgery)

Patients are be guided by the Patient Experience Manager, who:

  • Places patients on the record as QualityPath participants so they qualify for bundled prices, warranties, lower out-of-pocket costs and other advantages.
  • Offers assistance to transition medical records and care to QualityPath providers.
  • Makes sure hospitals and doctors recognize the patient’s participation in QualityPath.
  • Remains in touch to answer questions and streamline the process.

The QualityPath program is restricted to patients who receive benefits from an employer or organization that participates in the QualityPath program and who use a health plan that accesses The Alliance network.

Information about participating hospitals and doctors is available on Find a Doctor.

Consumer Reports Launches Medical Screening Overuse Hub

Cosumer Reports

Consumer Reports has launched an online, publicly available hub on overuse that includes:

  • Choosing Wisely screening related materials
  • Articles from Consumer Reports and Wikipedia on screening use and misuse
  • Videos about screening overuse

Visit the hub.

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