How to Be a Better Health Care Consumer

How to Be a Better Health Care Consumer

How you make health care decisions for you and your family can improve your health and decrease medical errors. We’re here to share tips that can help you get the most out of each visit to your doctor.

Resources for you:

  • Avoiding Unnecessary Care – Learn how to avoid the overuse of health care services and make smart and effective care choices.
  • Managing Your Medication – Read these tips to ensure safer medication use.
  • Planning Ahead for Surgery – No surgery is risk free. Learn about the possible benefits and risks involved in any surgical procedure.
  • Pregnancy Resources – Start your pregnancy off right by using these resources to choose a hospital that has a good quality score for birthing care learn about unnecessary procedures that you should avoid and topics to discuss with your doctor.
  • Making Health Care Safer – You can ensure a safer health care experience by being engaged in your treatment.

how do you make health care decisions?

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