Alliance resolutions are formal policy statements related to the legislative landscape. We draw upon these resolutions when speaking with members of the legislature and other policy makers to show what we value when considering policy changes, including laws and regulations.

Resolutions are developed within the parameters of our general health policy platform.

Once resolutions are drafted by the Health Policy Committee they are passed to the Alliance Board of Directors where they are reviewed, amended as needed and endorsed. Resolutions are voted on by the membership at our Annual Meeting.

Read more about these resolutions:

  • Resolution 1.01: Facility Fees Billed to Patients – Our resolution urges policy makers to require providers to notify consumers of applicable facility fees at the time an appointment is made. pdf Read Resolution 1.01.
  • Resolution 1.02: Empowering Consumers with Actionable Cost and Quality Information – Empowering consumers with information to compare the cost and quality of health care providers is central to the mission of The Alliance. pdf Read Resolution 1.02.
  • Resolution 1.03: In Support of the Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) – As lawmakers struggle to find solutions to the problems in health care, our resolution encourages legislators to support WHIO. pdf Read Resolution 1.03.
  • Resolution 4.01: The Design of Exchanges – provides goals for designing exchanges that promote high-value providers and help consumers understand insurance. Learn more about why we created this resolution and pdfread Resolution 4.01.
  • Resolution 4.02: Data Driven Health Care Infrastructure Assessment – The Alliance resolves to work with purchasers, providers, academics and public health agencies to promote a data-driven health care infrastructure needs assessment. pdf Read Resolution 4.02

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