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Are you using any of these strategies? A survey by Towers Watson reveals the actions employers are considering to combat rising costs and avoid the excise tax. See the infographic.


ACA Subsidy Calculator

This tool helps you project premiums and government assistance under the ACA by examining the impact of tax credits based on income levels, ages, family sizes and regional costs.

Minimum Value Calculator

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Minimum Value Calculator allows an employer to use information about its health benefits, coverage and cost-sharing rules to determine whether the plan meets minimum value standards.

Health Policy

The goal of The Alliance’s health policy function is to:

  • Provide timely and objective information to members,
  • Become a resource to public policy makers, and
  • Take action on issues that are likely to impact Alliance members and that are consistent with our mission.

Read our pdf Health Policy Platform.

The Alliance is a member of the American Benefits Council on behalf of employers who belong to our cooperative. We regularly share information about Council activities and pass along educational materials and learning opportunities.

Health Policy Updates

  • 2018 Amounts for HSAs and HDHPs Announced
  • Keeping Up with Health Policy Changes: Important Information for Employers
  • Health Care in the 115th Congress – Webinar

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Health Reform Updates

  • Compare ACA Replacement Plans
  • Health Policy in Transit: A Purchaser Viewpoint
  • The Alliance Joins in Urging Senate to Avoid Taxing Employer Coverage
  • America Votes NO on the “Cadillac Tax”

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Want to get involved with health policy?

Members are welcome to join The Alliance Health Policy Committee. For more information, contact Teri Van Tassel, vice president, marketing and member services, at 608.210.6633 or tvantassel@the-alliance.org.

Learn about the committee

Healthy Policy News & Updates

American Health Care bill
The US Senate Considers Bipartisan Reform to ACA – Will It Prevail Over Existing Talks of Republican-Supported Repeal?
The first few weeks of September have brought more chapters in the story of Congress’s consideration of how to fix ...
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Pills on Money
The Policy and Politics of Prescription Drug Costs
Prescription drugs are often singled out for blame on the rising cost of health care. Do the critics have their ...
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stethoscope and flag
Behind the Headlines: The Policy and Politics of ACA Repeal and Replace
Seven years after the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the political barriers to a substantive national dialogue to ...
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share your story
Share Your Story to Help Sway Lawmakers
Can you share your health innovation success story to give federal lawmakers a better understanding of health benefits issues? ...
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stethoscope and flag
ACA Changes: What the AHCA Could Mean to Employers
What will happen to employer-sponsored health benefits if the American Health Care Act (AHCA) becomes law? At the March 2017 ...
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On My Mind
On My Mind: Health Policy in Transit
Health Policy in Transit offers “common sense” recommendations from employers like us to U.S. lawmakers considering changes to the Affordable ...
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