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Are you using any of these strategies? A survey by Towers Watson reveals the actions employers are considering to combat rising costs and avoid the excise tax. See the infographic.


Excise Tax Calculator

This tool helps you project whether your company’s health plan may be subject to the ACA’s excise tax, also known as the "Cadillac tax."

ACA Subsidy Calculator

This tool helps you project premiums and government assistance under the ACA by examining the impact of tax credits based on income levels, ages, family sizes and regional costs.

Minimum Value Calculator

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Minimum Value Calculator allows an employer to use information about its health benefits, coverage and cost-sharing rules to determine whether the plan meets minimum value standards.

Health Benefits Excise Tax Calculator

A "health benefits excise tax" has been passed into law as part of health reform. Sometimes called a "Cadillac tax," it was designed to encourage employers to move from offering rich plans to offering less-expensive plans.

We developed this calculator to help organizations understand the possible implications of the excise tax, especially long term. The calculator requests 2013 estimates because it automatically adjusts for medical inflation through 2018. The calculator does not reflect adjustments that could be made for plans that cover workers in high-risk occupations or retirees.

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