Single Source Self-Funding™

Broker Certification

Single Source Self-Funding certification ensures brokers like yourself have the foundation they need to successfully move a client from fully insuring to self-funding their health benefits. There are two aspects to certification: education and agreements.


The following courses are required for certification. These courses will be available at various times through the year.

  • The Alliance 101
  • Self Funding 101: Understanding Critical Concepts*
  • Self-Funding 102: Managing the Transition*


As a certified broker, you agree to:

  • Be transparent in your fees as related to Single Source Self-Funding
  • Include your Alliance and Auxiant representatives in presenting the proposal and renewal to your client
  • Support The Alliance as an employer-owned and directed cooperative. The Alliance will communicate information to you (often before sharing with our employer members) along with communicating directly with our employer members.
  • Share feedback to help improve Single Source Self-Funding. Feedback can include ways to improve the broker, the employer, and the enrollee experience along with information on the competitiveness of the offering, including the strengths and the weaknesses of the product.

* The Alliance may accept other certifications to meet these two requirements. Self-funding certification from NAHU counts toward these requirements if completed within the last two years. To request consideration of other courses, please send course materials to Kathryn McLeod at

**Please note, Single Source Self-Funding proposals cannot be released until this agreement is signed and the education requirements are fulfilled. Brokers may work with The Alliance outside of Single Source Self-Funding as well if they are not interested in becoming certified.

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