Single Source Self-Funding™
from The Alliance

It’s a Simpler Way to Help Your Clients Start Self-Funding

Single Source Self-Funding Components

Essential Services

Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Prescription bottle

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)
Serve You Rx


Provider Network
The Alliance


Stop-Loss Insurance (Reinsurance)
Sourced through Auxiant

Alliance Advantages


Blueprint for Self-Funding Transition


Dedicated Implementation Team


Personal Support
for You

Help Your Clients Buy Health Care Differently

Use Single-Source Self-Funding as a tool to:

  • Start a self-funding conversation with C-suite contacts.
  • Bring new ideas to established clients.
  • Introduce your services to more prospects.
  • Save time so you can work with more clients and prospects.

We Believe Health Care Benefits Can Do More and Cost Less

Single Source Self-funding benefits

Guide Your Clients to Self-Funding Success

Contact Kathryn McLeod, manager of product portfolio and strategy at 800.223.4139 x6638 or

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