Who to Contact at The Alliance

Questions Related to Prospective Members in Wisconsin and Iowa:

Calvin Rigsby

Calvin J. Rigsby II
Business Development Manager
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Questions Related to Prospective Members in Illinois:

Kelly Davit

Kelly Davit
Regional Manager
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Agents and Consultants

We value the partnership we have in working with agents and consultants. Here are a few of the benefits of working with The Alliance:

  • Flexibility. The Alliance offers access to 63 hospitals, 10,365 professional service providers, and more than 3,530 medical, chiropractic, and mental health clinics in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.
  • Data and Resources. The Alliance offers access to quality and cost data for certain procedures as well as information about wellness and disease management.
  • Options. You can design or re-design a plan to meet the needs of an employer without disrupting existing relationships. The size of our network means most employees can continue to use their current providers.
  • Alternatives. The Alliance provides a superior alternative to HMOs or large carriers for many employers.
  • Savings. As Alliance members, your clients will experience an average savings rate of 34.14% across all networks (Fiscal Year 2013).
  • Networking. Events held by The Alliance offer an opportunity to strengthen your ties with more than 200 employer members.

Would you like to know more about asking the right questions?

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