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High-Quality Care + Lower Cost = QualityPath®

QualityPath is designed to:

  • Inspire and sustain changes in the way health care is purchased.
  • Save money for employers
  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs for employees and family members
  • Guide patients who need surgeries to high-quality care

See what current Alliance member, Miniature Precision Components has to say about their experience with QualityPath.


What QualityPath Does

QualityPath identifies doctors and hospitals that – when working together – meet national quality measures and adopt processes that are better for patients.

Meet the QualityPath doctors

Three procedures are available:

  • Total hip replacement
  • Knee replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass graft, often called heart bypass surgery

Coming on Jan. 1, 2017: CT and MRI scans

Read our FAQs to learn more.

What Employers Can Expect

  • A bundled price that covers the medical procedure for a set cost that is substantially below the average cost within The Alliance network.
  • A 90-day warranty that means care for avoidable complications becomes part of the bundled price, not an additional charge.
  • Guidance to high-quality hospitals and doctors.
  • Access to QualityPath participation as a benefit of membership; there is no additional fee to participate.

How to Implement QualityPath

Get started by signing up to participate in QualityPath.

In Wisconsin and Iowa, contact:

  • Mike Roche, member services manager, 800.223.4139 x6645
  • Paul Roelke, member services advisor, 800.223.4139 x6647

In Illinois, contact:

Member services will guide you through the set-up process. Download the implementation documents.

What Your Employees Can Expect

  • Shared decision-making, which helps patients decide early in the process – before surgery is scheduled – whether they need the surgery and the risks that come with it.
  • 100 percent coverage of medical procedure costs, which is required as part of plan design. Employers may choose to offer additional incentives, which are required for high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) with health savings accounts (HSAs).
  • Guidance from the Patient Experience Manager, who is a registered nurse. The manager can help make appointments, transfer medical records, serve as a liaison and link patients to additional information. Patients must call the Patient Experience Manager at 800.223.4139 to receive QualityPath benefits.
  • A 90-day warranty. Patients must follow recommendations for care, including physical therapy or cardiac rehabilitation, to keep the warranty in place.

View our infographic showing the QualityPath journey for your employees.

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