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Mike Roche

Mike Roche
Member Services Manager
800.223.4139 x6645
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Paul Roelke

Paul Roelke
Member Services Advisor
800.223.4139 x6647
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Amanda Gallman

Amanda Gallman
Member Services Associate
800.223.4139 x6653
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The Alliance Logo

The Alliance changed its logo in Aug. 2008 and registered it in 2010. Please incorporate our logo with the registration mark as you issue new health ID cards.

We have notified third-party administrators of the new logo and given them access to the logo files. As they issue new cards, you will want to check to be sure that the registered logo is clearly displayed.

We've also notified providers of the change and that they may continue to see the pre-2008 logo on old cards. Your covered employees and their dependents may continue to use their old ID cards at participating providers.

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The name "The Alliance" and the Alliance logo are registered trademarks in the United States.

The Alliance® is a cooperative of employers moving health care forward by controlling costs, improving quality, and engaging individuals in their health.