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How You Can Help Employees Find ‘Best of Both Worlds’

Posted on 03/03/2017

Mike RocheBy Mike Roche, member services manager

How can you help employees find high-quality, fairly-priced health care?

One option is providing insights and information at enrollment meetings and other employee gatherings. That’s where Bob Reichling, an employee at Lands’ End, learned about QualityPath.

bob reichling

Reichling works at the Lands’ End Dodgeville campus, where he often walks five miles a day. He had both knees replaced in 2016 through two QualityPath surgeries by Dr. Lance Sathoff at Monroe Clinic.

“It was the best of both worlds,” Reichling says of QualityPath.

Read Bob’s full story to learn how using QualityPath helped Bob get care that relieved his pain and helped him return to the activities he loves.

Read Bob's full story

Where to share information

Our experience shows that employees and family members learn about QualityPath in many different ways:

  • Conversations with Human Resources staff
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Onsite clinics
  • Online health benefit information
  • Letters sent to employee homes
  • Emails, newsletter articles and other employee communications
  • Break room displays and videos
  • And whatever else works for your employees.

The QualityPath employer toolkit offers ready-to-use materials for employers, including patient stories like Bob’s. Contact me at 800.223.4139 x6645 or for more insights about the best way to tell employees and family members about QualityPath.

Expanding QualityPath options for CTs and MRIs in southwest Wisconsin

Employers can also share the news that QualityPath CTs and MRIs are now available at two new locations:

  • Southwest Health, Platteville, Wis.
  • Upland Hills, Dodgeville, Wis.

new provider locations

I’m happy to share more information about how QualityPath continues to enhance its ability to deliver high-quality care and significant savings to employers and employees alike.

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