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Going the Extra Mile for a QualityPath Patient

Posted on 01/05/2017

Tierney AndersonBy Tierney Anderson, marketing & events specialist

Reducing pain after surgery is important. But the pain medication prescribed for QualityPath patient Patty Stalheim made her very sick.

Dr. Lamson prescribed an alternative medicine but her health benefits didn’t cover it.

QualityPath Patient
Patty Stalheim, QualityPath patient

That’s where Margie Czechowicz stepped in. Margie is a registered nurse and the QualityPath patient experience manager. She helps guide patients through surgery. She often makes an extra effort to help things go smoothly for patients.

When Margie learned about Patty’s need for a different pain medicine, she called the pharmaceutical company and asked if they would be able to cover the drug at an in-network price. They refused.

So Margie called Patty’s employer, Trek Bicycle Corporation. They agreed to cover the drug to help meet Patty’s needs.

The next challenge was finding the medicine. Margie called every pharmacy and found just one with the medicine in stock. Patty’s husband picked it up and it successfully relieved Patty’s pain. “I was just glad to be able to help,” Margie said.

But the story doesn’t end there. Patty needed to submit a receipt to be reimbursed for the medicine’s cost. Unfortunately, the receipt was lost.

So Margie drove to the pharmacy, got a copy of the receipt and delivered it to Patty and her husband. That meant they didn’t need to worry about paying for the much-needed medication out of their pockets.

Margie’s special effort to help Patty is just part of her QualityPath journey.

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